Top 5 Coffee Places in San Miguel de Allende

Cafe Oso Azul

Zacateros 17

5. This cozy cafe is located in a courtyard with two other inside areas if you don't want to seat outside. The service is fast and efficient and the organic coffee from Veracruz is dark, strong and sure to wake you up. It is a great place to start when you just come to town.


Correo 19

4. This place whose focus is on bagels has a secret. Their organic coffee from Oaxaca is excellent and consistent. I am sure you have all tried a place with magic coffee only to return again with disappointment. This coffee has a full flavor that keeps you going for hours!

Cafe De La Mancha

Recreo 21

3. The owners of this Cafe started out by being a coffee roaster and the coffee that is served is their own. They truly understand everything about coffee and will be able to direct you to the perfect cup. They even serve a Flat White which is halfway between a Macchiato and a Cappucino. You can also buy coffee beans whole or ground to bring home. They have coffee beans from both Oaxaca and Veracruz.

Cafe La Ventana

Sollano 11

2. This is an old staple, where (hence the name) you can order coffee through a window on the street. They will be able to get you a coffee fast so you can be on your way to explore San Miguel or go wherever you need to go. If you are looking for more of a relaxed environment, (that is until the caffeine hits you) you can go inside and order in the cafe. In order to get there you have to walk through the Pozole restaurant and up the stairs. Their coffee is organic and from Chiapas.

Cafe Zenteno

Hernandez Macias 138, Corner w/ Tenerias 

1. This very small cafe almost feels like a Speak Easy for coffee. They have a special blend of coffee that tastes not too strong and not too weak with a nutty flavor. The owner is very knowledgeable with coffee and can direct you to the unexpected best cup. They also have coffee that you can take to enjoy the flavor at home. Their coffee is from Veracruz.

Are we missing any?  Feel free to comment below to offer your own suggestions.

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