14. November 2017
We at San Miguel Rentables are always striving to make our company better. We have decided to add two new services to our company. First, we are going to be offering Rental Mediation. That way if you find the perfect rental and it is being offered directly with the owner, you can hire us for a nominal fee to use our expertise to make sure everything goes smoothly for you. We are also going to be offering House Sitting from 3 days to several months. Read on for more information...
06. November 2017
Everybody gets hungry late at night, but sometimes it can get intimidating where you can find safe food in the street and not have pay for it later. That is why we have compiled a list of tried and true street vendors in San Miguel to help you when the craving starts!

16. October 2017
Have you ever been out with your dog and then wanted a cup of coffee or something to eat? This list is for you! Here is a list of quality restaurants and cafes that let you bring your pets.
09. October 2017
This will give you some tips that will come in handy for everyday San Miguel living. It includes some words, hand gestures and advice for driving.

01. October 2017
This week has been very busy so instead of giving the normal entry, I have edited some video footage that Cristina has taken to show a bit around San Miguel. It is showing the exact opposite San Miguel than the one you have seen this weekend, if you have been here. This is the kinder and gentler San Miguel :)
23. September 2017
This entry gives you some pointers of what to expect in San Miguel de Allende. It is not meant to complain but to inform about things that cannot be changed. If you truly fall in love with San Miguel as I have, these things will only be part of the culture that you have embraced.

15. September 2017
Welcome to San Miguel Rentables first blog! This one is for all those coffee lovers. There are so many cafes in San Miguel, but I want to recommend these five places.
13. September 2017
Welcome to our blog! We have decided to write about things regarding San Miguel de Allende. We will be covering things that you can do, eat, drink, etc. in San Miguel. Stay tuned for our first blog!